2020 Art at Work Artist Challenge  

Brief: This is your moment to record what you see and feel and to say how you have been affected or comment on the “new world” This is your challenge. Tell your story in glass, wood, steel, fibre or wire, by print making, photography or painting. Write a poem, a song, a piece of music or create a drama or dance. 

Judges: Kasey Seally (artist) and Pip Kerr (member of public) 


 First Prize 

Confusion – Peter Fennell 

acrylic on sugar sack 

very subtle but clever in its concept – the virus – but has all different layers of how you can interpret it. A nice colour harmony and texture to it. Also, a microcosmic effect. 


 Highly commended 

A COVID Fantasy – Marion Mikkelsen, Bronwyn Hunter, Lyn Olesen and Patsy Burgess 

toilet paper and rolls, wire, ribbon on mannequin 

A great concept well put together with a cheeky and fragile medium. Very good design and craft. Can be recycled. 

A COVID FANTASY narrative 

LADY SCOTT wanders through her newly built garden. She is with her faithful companion QUILTON. He enjoys all the smells around the garden while Lady Scott admires her beautiful SORBENT blooms. 

She begins to think of the days in the future when she can share this relaxing space with her friends. In fact she is already planning a perfumed garden. A sweet perfume would be lovely on a summer evening breeze. 


 Highly commended 

Staying in Touch – Marion Mikkelsen 

acrylic on canvas 

Isolated but staying together. A nice sense of light as well. Again a nice concept that reflects our current reality of our reliance on technology. 

Art at Work - Sat. Main day - 7 Nov 2020
Art at work - Opening Night - 6 Nov 2020
Art at Work - Sat. Main day - 7 Nov 2020


2020 Art at Work Awards Presentation 

Lucky Door Prize 

Kasey Seally watercolour                                                                                      Sue Marshall 

Artist Challenge 

$500 (Fox group accountants)                                                        Peter Fennell – Confusion 

Best in Show (Peoples Choice) 

$500 (Aubrey Brown Solicitors)  - Shared winners

                                                                                                Peter Larson - Parched Billabong 

                                                                                                           Lyn Olesen – White Roses 

Art at work - Sunday - 8 Nov 2020 (jikic
Art at Work - Sat. Main day - 7 Nov 2020
Art at work - Sunday - 8 Nov 2020 (jikic
Art at work - Sunday - 8 Nov 2020 (jikic