eamic artists working on the Central Coast

Alan Mendoza


A year ago my wife Alice and I moved from California to Australia so that we could be closer to our family and fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming full time Ceramic Artists. It meant retiring from our long time careers, pulling up stakes and selling our homes and many cherished belongings. We have been very fortunate to have found a home with a studio here in the Central Coast where we are pursuing our new careers.

Our goal is to create one of a kind Ceramic handmade functional items with a bit of flair that can be used in peoples everyday lives. Along with functional items, we are creating one of a kind Art work that make a statement or reflect the world around us. Past, Present or Future.

We are also trying expose more people to Ceramic Art by Entering Art Gallery showings like Art @Work, The Gosford Art Prize, Artisans in a Matcham Garden and The Central Coast Potters Society Christmas Sale.

Along with creating our own style of Ceramic Art, we are volunteering our time to local Ceramic organizations like the Central Coast Potters Society. Hoping that we can help new artists that are just beginning their journey in Ceramics. Share new techniques with old and new Ceramic Artists and mold the new, up and coming Ceramic artists and help Ceramic Art continue to grow and move forward.

Some Works