Candace Tweedie

Painting Mixed media

Candace is a first-generation Australian artist living on the Central Coast of NSW. She creates contemporary, visually textured acrylic and mixed media paintings through an intuitive layering process, incorporating an assortment of repetitive printing techniques, mark-making and free writing into her art. The freedom of this open-ended approach makes her heart happy following a path of discovery in each work.

She draws inspiration from the natural world, objects and abstract patterns that are often overlooked, providing immense pleasure and a feeling of gratitude for the endless possibilities that exist when we open-heartedly embrace curiosity, creativity and contrasts in life and art. A child of the 70’s, Candace grew up in the Top End climbing mango trees & eating mulberries, but now calls herself a local even if the sunsets can’t compare to the sinking sun and stunning sunset skies over the ocean near the equator.

“Art and creativity is for everyone, and everyone should experience it’s powerful effect in their lives. Surrounding ourselves with Art that brings beauty, hope & human connection helps us to reside outside of our fears, little by little, and more every day.”