Bobbi Oliver

Painting Sculpture Mixed media Ceramics

“My love of colour, form, design and the challenges it brings to a piece of Art is what fascinates me and drives me to create. I have never really settled into one medium or technique and find the pleasure comes from the problem solving and the making of a pleasing piece to view.”

Bobbi immigrated to Australia from the USA in 1999 where she was active in the Lake County Arts Council in Lakeport, California 1970s-1980’s.

She worked in Australia as an Arts Facilitator, helping people with Disabilities to experience many art mediums with the Mai-Wel Group in Maitland.

“I love creating by mixing mediums using various types of clay, fabrics, metals, found objects, and many other embellishments to complete a pieces. I like to see people’s expressions when they view my work and they wrinkle their eyebrows and usually break into a smile, with a look questioning what was this artist thinking! I see my work as serious whimsy, adult fairytales, fun and entertaining. I create because I love making the things I see in my dreams.”