Central Coast photographer

Victoria Fitzmaurice


I remember the first time I held a camera, I instinctively felt connected and it soon became a form of self-expression for me. I have led a privileged life thanks to this love affair, meeting the most amazing people along the way and gaining entry to places most people only dream about.

When I have the camera’s viewfinder to my eye I become disconnected to anything else around me. I am in the moment and in the quest for an emotive and magical shot.  I have hung out of helicopters, documented troubled places, captured both the dark and the light side of life.  So far, it’s been a fabulous ride.

Through this medium I can tell stories about the world and the people living in it.  I am moved to express the beauty I’m surrounded by, to explore sculptural forms and textures in nature, to capture the inspiration and vision of those who dare to imagine our architectural urban landscape.

Through my exhibition work, I am often drawn to make social commentary on issues and injustices that affect us as people and on the other end of the spectrum, celebrate individuals that prove inspirational to me.  My aim is to cause an emotive response in others, to confront them, challenge their viewpoint and more importantly, to touch them – perhaps even life changingly.