Central Coast photographer

Victoria Fitzmaurice


I remember the first time I held a camera, I instinctively felt connected, and it soon became a form of self-expression for me. I have led a privileged life thanks to this love affair. I have got to meet the most amazing people along the way and been able to gain entry to places most people only dream about.

Asian cultures believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whilst shooting people, I am focused on a capture of their essence, and the dynamics of their personalities.

Interestingly, when I have the camera’s viewfinder to my eye, I become disconnected to any danger that exists around me. I am in the moment, and in the quest for an emotive and magical shot. It is, what I revel in. Without fear or trepidation, I have hung out of helicopters, capturing some of mother nature’s truly amazing scenery.

I am traditionally trained in photography – working in a darkroom, developing my own film. Whilst the digital era is most certainly astounding, introducing endless possibilities for the photographer, working on a computer screen will never replace the romanticism of seeing my work come to life in the darkroom.