Glenn Mabbott


Glenn grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney and went to the local schools. He spent much of those school years in the corridor, constantly being sent from class for asking “Why?”.

Like most baby boomer kids he played outside till the streetlights came on, then would go home and draw on the butchers’ paper the lamb chops and sausages came in. After winning Art Express in the final year of School, he enjoyed an internationally awarded career as an art director, illustrator and creative director.

Glenn took up the palette knife for the first time in 2019 when he began creating images for personal pleasure. A particular interest is depicting the intersection of living in an urban setting (alienated from nature), with the underappreciated beauty of the Australian landscape.

When not painting, Glenn spends his time as a Wombassador – caring for sick wombats. Or riding his pushbike around the countryside, cooking, eating and drinking fine wine… to excess his wife laments.