Marienne Stollery


I first discovered pottery nearly 50 years ago and from the moment I touched the clay I knew I was well and truly hooked. The whole process from making the piece, to opening the kiln is long and challenging with many opportunities for disappointment along the way but I find it exciting, especially when the kiln gods are smiling.

I have immersed myself in clay for many years, teaching pottery, giving workshops and with Neil, building a mudbrick home in Tumbi Umbi. A wonderfully peaceful place to work among the gumtrees and wildlife. I have spent many years on the committee of the Central Coast Potters Society and am a Life Member. I was also on the Advisory committee at the Gosford Regional Gallery and a Foundation member.

My Exhibition pieces are still evolving. I like to make vessels which each make a statement of their own. They are functional but that is not how I see them. I combine a functional glaze inside the vessel and multiple dry glazes on the outside. These glazes are applied separately, rubbed back and refired several times in order to get the effect I am looking for.

I also love to apply texture to my pieces which gives a different effect under the glazes.