Bronwyn Hunter

Textiles, Mixed Media

I have always rebelled against being boxed into ‘traditional’ female roles and interests. Hence I ran away from ‘women’s work’ from an early age. But I was led to hand made textiles in my 30s and found it to be a welcome creative outlet from earning a living in the corporate world. After another retrenchment, along with encouragement from others, I began to sell and exhibit my work and teach the fine art of felt making. I completed a Master of Art at UNSW Art & Design (COFA) in 2016 with a focus on creating multidimensional forms. With seemingly magical qualities and endless possibilities, felt remains present in my work but certainly not in ‘traditional’ ways and often in collaboration with other mediums.

Much of my work reflects my experiences and passion about issues of injustice – particularly with respect to restrictive social expectations placed on women. I endeavor to tap into my emotional responses to life whether they be loss and sorrow or joy and fulfillment.

I now allow myself to enjoy working with my hands – whatever the material, hard or soft, and let the materials take me on an adventure.