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How art performs as an investment

Art as an investment

“There has never been a better time to invest in art, and the interest in art as a viable asset is only set to grow in 2022.“ Forbes Magazine

Shares or art? You may be surprised to learn Art has outperformed the US S&P share index in the last decade… your money would have doubled in shares while art has gone up almost 500%

“In 2021 85% of wealth managers agree that art should be included in a wealth management service, up from 53% in 2014.” Deloitte Art & Finance Report, 2021

Inflation is now back. Historically in stock market downturns art outperforms shares as investors seek to invest in alternative asset classes. While shares have taken a tumble recently and cryptocurrencies are down around 80% from their highs, the global art market was hardly affected by the Covid pandemic. Now real estate prices are headed down.

Sure you can’t live in a work of art, but if you have some spare money to invest, a work of art is one you can enjoy every day…knowing it’s more likely to steadily grow in value compared to other investments.

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